Dr. Ulrich Lanz. Spezialist fur Schulterchirugie und Sportorthopadie

Dr. Ulrich Lanz

Doctor’s Surgery

Shoulder specialist Dr. Ulrich Lanz is classified as a “private doctor of choice” (Wahlarzt aller Kassen) with his private practice located on the premises of the Sportorthopädie Zentrum and those of the Ordinationszentrum Döbling.

As a private doctor of choice, Dr. Lanz has no contract with state health insurance carriers, meaning his services cannot be financed via E-card. Treatment costs must be paid directly by the patient in cash or via debit card. The patient may then submit the invoice to his or her health insurance carrier asking for a (partial) refund of the fee paid.

Patients with private health insurance may get their costs for a doctor of choice refunded when submitting treatment costs to their insurance carrier (subject to the terms of their contract).

The main advantage of seeing a private doctor is the time the doctor has available for the patient. This allows for detailed doctor-patient dialogue and thorough, individual treatment.

First Appointment (18 years and above)180 €
First Appointment (up to 18 years) 90 €
Follow-up appointments120 €

Dr. Lanz carries out surgery at various Viennese hospitals, including: